Saturday, June 04, 2005

Podcasts I'm listening to

Here are the ones I'm suscribed to: ratings out of four stars

Slacker Astronomy(****): My favorite - these guys are really funny. Ad Pamela's voice, well...

One World Expedition(***): These guys phone in every day from their mission to cross the Artic this summer. It's really compelling stuff. One was about how they can't find where they packed the bullets, and the polar bear that has been following them.

Planetary Radio(***): A podcast of the Planetary Society's radio show, high production value and good interviews.

Universe Today
(**): Phone interviews with astronomers on recent disoveries. The production value is low but improving, and the science is good.

Science@NASA(**): This was actully the top rated podcast in Febuary.

Living on Earth(**): The radio show. I'm listening to this to prepare for the series of forums on climate change that we just received a NASA grant to put on (I'll blog more about this later). But the 1 hour shows are really too long for me to listen to on the train.

Make Zine Podcast(***): A really nice podcast about fun tech stuff. Robots, hacking, reviews of consumer electronic etc.


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