Friday, May 20, 2005

A new way to do 3D

Most of my visualization work the last few years has been for passive stereo displays: the Adler 3D theater, the U of C geowall, SciTech's VR exhibit. All of these work with dual projectors, a silver screen and polarized filters and glasses. We use linearly polarized glasses which can cause a problem it you tilt your head, the EVL folks prefer circular for that reason, but circular only really works at one wavelength, and there is some leakage at the surrounding colors. Anyway one of the guys coming to our Visualization of Astrophysical Data workshop, Toshi Takahei from the Riken Institute in Tokyo is bringing a new solution - Infitec glasses and filters. These work kind of like the red and blue glasses but with much more precision. The red, green and blue parts of the spectrum are each cut in two, half of each going to the left eye and the other half to the right. The big advantage is that you no longer need a special screen. Toshi is interested in projecting this on a planetarium dome to create the first stereoscopic planetarium. Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing how well they work, the only drawback is the high price of the glasses ~$500.


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