Sunday, May 22, 2005

Panoramas on the PSP

Playing aroung with the PSP, I noticed that the image panning feature works pretty well. If the image is zoomed larger than the screen size then you can move the analog stick to pan across the image. While you are panning it shows a little graphic showing the whole image and a box denotng the part you're looking at(even a nice little showdow around the finder graphic to pop it out). Once you stop panning this graphic disappears - it really well done. For me the panning feature works best when you're constrained in one dimension, otherwise it can be a bit disorienting. So I put together some Astronomy images that fit the bill and added them to the Cosmus PSP site. First a set of all 10 ull color 360 panoramas from the MER rovers, and then another set of 10 from the Multiwavelength MilkyWay poster. When you load the images up the PSP scales them to fit the screen, you need to zoom up to 100% and then pan with the analog stick. It works pretty well as a psuedo-qtvr, the only drawback is that the quality level is quite low while panning.


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